Mike Lavine


Thoughts, comments, ideas:

Precious is a deceptive word. In this context it draws upon (in part) a term woodworkers use to refer to highly valued tropical hardwoods. But it really references a host of values that we assign to objects, places, and relationships. Each work is also numbered and I always think about that in terms of writing a check, of creating a debt, of spending down resources, and accounting for something that is lost.  

The material presents an illusionary quality. And that's important because it adds a sense of being fooled, but also, a sense of discovery. Though pleasing to the eye, it asks you to look beyond the surface, to think about its history, its purpose, and its place.

I create the work and destroy the work. And each time an installation is destroyed most of the material is saved for a future work. The material that cannot be recycled into another installation is composted--although a small quantity is packaged and made available to consumers who can choose to kept the package as a conceptual object or return its contents to nature.